「在物派誕生的1968至1969年間,日本當代藝術的表現手法從繪畫、雕刻轉變成平面、立體,這個重大的轉捩點上,身為『幻觸團體』主要成員的飯田昭二(Iida Shoji),極可能就是影響『物派』誕生的關鍵藝術家。」“During the period from 1968 to 1969 when Mono-Ha was born, the expression of Japanese contemporary art significantly changed from painting and sculpture to two-dimensional and three-dimensional. At this major turning point, as the main member of the Group GENSHOKU, Iida Shoji is very likely the key artist that influenced the birth of the “Mono-Ha”

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