Open Hours: Tue. – Sun. (Closed on Mon.) 11:00-19:30
Address: No.10, Shausing S. St., Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +8862-23935880


營業時間: 週二~週日(週一公休) 11:00-19:30
電話: 02-23935880

“Hiro Hiro Art Space” in Taipei, Taiwan, is a gallery founded at the end of 2018 by CHEN Pinyu and Chen Pinling to promote contemporary art. Hiro Hiro Art Space gathers various kinds of artistic displays, including graphics painting, three-dimensional sculpture, installation art, video art, and performance and artistic cultural activities.

“Hiro Hiro” (Japanese: ひろひろ) is the local Japanese dialect that refers to the state of one’s desires and yearnings for things. For us, “Hiro Hiro” is the pursuit of artistic knowledge and recognition through exceptional selections, not only to accentuate the charm of the work itself, but also to select the works that each collector is looking for, hoping that these works will meet the expectations of the collectors and that “Hiro Hiro” will evolve into a unique taste in collection of its own kind.

“Hiro” also has the definition of “seeking” in Japanese, just like how passionate we are about finding innovative and promising works as well as welcoming those who love art just like us. Whenever you visit Hiro Hiro Art Space, you can feel as if you are on a treasure hunt. Through our interpretation of these artworks, you can discover the hidden meanings of these creative works and at the same time, feel the stunning beauty of the value we put on these works in order to make sure that every time you step into the Hiro Hiro Art Space, you will be able to discover new artworks to savor and collect.

「Hiro Hiro Art Space」於2018年底在台北成立,致力推廣當代藝術。 Hiro Hiro Art Space集結各種藝術展示方式,包括平面繪畫、立體雕塑、裝置藝術、錄像、行為及藝術文化活動。

「Hiro Hiro」(⽇語:ひろひろ)在日本地方方言是指人對一事物垂涎、渴求的狀態; 對我們而言,「Hiro Hiro」是對藝術知識及鑑賞能力的追求,透過獨到的眼光篩選,凸顯作品本身的魅力,揀選各個收藏家所尋覓的作品,期許這些作品得到藏家垂涎與渴求,並且自成「Hiro Hiro」的獨到收藏品味。

「Hiro」在日文中亦有「尋」的意思,如同我們對於找尋創新且富有潛力的作品充滿熱情,也歡迎跟我們一樣喜愛藝術的人,每當來訪Hiro Hiro Art Space都能像尋寶般,透過我們對作品的詮釋,一同閱讀藝術家隱藏其中的創作語彙,同時也感受到我們對於作品視若珍寶的驚艷,在每次踏⼊Hiro Hiro Art Space時,總能發現新的藝術作品可以品味和收藏。