Open Hours: Tue. – Sun. (Closed on Mon.) 11:00-19:30
Address: No.10, Shausing S. St., Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +8862-23935880


營業時間: 週二~週日(週一公休) 11:00-19:30
電話: 02-23935880

“Hiro Hiro Art Space” in Taipei, Taiwan, is a gallery founded at the end of 2018 by CHEN Pinyu and CHEN Pinling to promote contemporary visual art. Hiro Hiro Art Space serves as a platform for artists working in painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance.
The name “Hiro Hiro” originates from a local Japanese dialect that encapsulates the state of one’s desires and yearnings. At Hiro Hiro Art Space, “Hiro Hiro” is the pursuit of artistic explorations and presentations through meticulously curated exhibitions. Our aim is not only to showcase the inherent spirit of each artwork but also to expand all kinds of perceptions beyond visual, amplifying the non-objective voices that encompass senses, experiences, social issues, and aesthetic embodiment. By providing a platform for a wide range of art practices, we strive to foster inclusivity, cultural exchange, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of art and human experiences.
The word “Hiro” also has the definition of “seeking” in Japanese, which aligns with our passion for discovering emerging and promising artists, providing ever-evolving possibilities for art enthusiasts to explore and enjoy. When visiting Hiro Hiro Art Space, viewers can feel as if they are on a treasure hunt.

「Hiro Hiro Art Space」於2018年底在台北成立,致力推廣當代藝術。 Hiro Hiro Art Space集結各種藝術展示方式,包括繪畫、雕塑、裝置、錄像、行為及藝術論壇。

「Hiro Hiro」在日本地方方言是指人對一事物垂涎、渴求的狀態; 對我們而言,「Hiro Hiro」代表著透過精心策劃的展覽,追求藝術的探索和呈現的可能性。我們的目標不僅是展示每件藝術作品所蘊含的精神,更希望超越視覺界限,放大非客觀的聲音,包括身體感知、經驗、哲學思考、社會議題和藝術實踐。經由Hiro Hiro Art Space這個平台,我們努力促進包容性、文化交流,並深入理解藝術與人類經驗之間的相互聯繫。

「Hiro」在日文中亦有「尋」的意思,如同我們對於尋求創新且富有潛力的藝術家充滿熱情,也期許藝術愛好者來訪Hiro Hiro Art Space都能如同尋寶般,一同閱讀藝術家隱藏其中的創作語彙。