1987 Born in Wakayama, Japan

2009 B.F.A. Kyoto City University of Arts

2011 M.F.A. Kyoto City University of Arts

Royal College of Art exchange student


2011 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2011 shu uemura Prize, Judge’s prize (Yuko Hasegawa)

2009 Art Award Tokyo, Runner-up Prize

2007 Art Camp in Kunst-Bau, Suntory Prize

There is a strong sense of weightlessness when you stand in front of Aya Ito’s work, like a lens that is trying to focus properly, attempting to concentrate on the image it is capturing. This comes from the artist’s creative behavior of “performance of meaningless”. In the process of creation, Aya Ito randomly placed paper, pottery, cloth, furniture, etc. to create a diorama, and then observed it from different angles through a camera-captured picture. This allows her to find new and unpredictable perspectives of composition that looks imaginative and surreal yet completely captured from reality. The bright contrast of those intense colors thoroughly compares to the effect of a spotlight, where such a production process creates a whole new reality with extremely high density.


Past Exhibitions