Crystal Lupa

Crystal Lupa


LUPA, born in 1989 in California, received her bachelor’s degree from Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London.

She works in areas including paintings, illustrations, sculptures, ceramics, fashion design, and music composition. Regardless of the media, her visual language always exudes an air of Eastern mysticism and fantasy literature.

In the construction of magical and surreal sites, she has created her own context of symbols and forms. She transforms life experiences in reality or dreams into scenes and represents them with primitive, sensuous contours to explore the psychological states of the archetypal figure. Lupe has extended these characteristics to her compositions, giving them an arrangement like the proscenium stage to interpret the interaction between the image and the spectator. She does not to express her ideas through conflicts. She chooses to achieve mutual interaction between her audience and the motif through atmosphere-evoking and immersive images to further state an inner, deeper resistance within people in the social context.