Lene Kilde: CV

Lene Kilde


1981 Born in Norway

2002 – 2003 Fine Arts, School of art at Asker artschool. (Norway)

2005 – 2006 Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, at Einar Granum, school of art (Norway)

2008 – 2012 Master in Product Design at the Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences, faculty of technology, art and design, major in form and sculpture (Norway).


2015 The Norwegian Arts Council ,scholarship for exhibiting in “Kunstbanken”, Hamar Kunstsenter (Norway)

2014 “Blaker scholarship” ( For designing and building the “The nutmeg Princess sculpture in Grenada underwater sculpture park”)

2013 The Norwegian Arts Council three -year work scholarship for young artists.

2013 Winner of the scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord

2013 “Blaker scholarship” (For follow-up project “stoves for cooking in developing countries)

2009 Winner of “Innovation Camp”, Norwegian championship in entrepreneurship, hosted by NHO.

Solo/duo exhibitions:

2020 Lene Kilde solo show: Reading the air, Hiro Hiro Art Space (Taipei, Taiwan)

2019 Gallery Ramfjord (Oslo, Norway)

2018 Gallery Ramfjord (Oslo, Norway)

2018 Lørenskog art center, (Oslo, Norway)

2018 Gallery Oxholm (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2017 Gallery Ramfjord (Oslo, Norway)

2017 Gallery Hjorth (Denmark)

2017 Larvik art Center (Norway)

2016 Hedmark kunstsenter, Kunstbanken, Hamar (Norway)

2015 Aurskog art center (Norway)

2015 Grimstad art center (Norway)

2015 Drøbak Near Oslo, (Norway)

2014 Gallery Ramfjord Oslo, (Norway)

2013 Gallery Exhibit No. 1 Festiviteten, (Eidsvoll, Norway)

Group exhibitions:

2019 Arts Range (Honfleur, France)

2019 Minima Gallery (Mykonos, Greece)

2019 Höganäs Museum (Höganäs, Sweden)

2019 North Kunstmesse, Gallery Bruno Dahl

2019 Red Bull, Hangar 7, Galleri Ramfjord (Salzburg, Austria)

2019 Belvedere Art Space (Beirut, Lebanon)

2019 Minima Gallery (Mykonos, Greece)

2019 Summerexhibition, Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo, Norway)

2019 Bruno Dahl, Gallery (Aarhus, Denmark)

2019 Summerexhibition, Gallery Oxholm (Denmark)

2018 Scope Miami, Galleri Ramfjord (US)

2018 North Kunstmesse (Aalborg, Denmark)

2018 Galleri Zink (Lillehammer, Norway)

2018 Scope Basel, Galleri Ramfjord (Switzerland)

2018 “Post-femenism” Gallery Størpunkt (Munich, Germany)

2018 Galerie Ton (The Nederland)

2018 Art Herning (Denmark)

2018 Affordable art fair London, Bruno Dahl, (England)

2018 Gallerie Artmundi (Paris, France)

2017 Scope Basel (Switzerland)

2017 Gallery Hjorth (Denmark)

2017 Gallery Zink (Norway)

2016 Scope Miami, med Galleri Ramfjord (Florida)

2016 Affordable art fair Stockholm, med Galleri Ramfjord (Sweden)

2016 Scope Basel Med Galleri Ramfjord (Switzerland)

2016 Gallery Ramfjord (Norway)

2015 Balestrand Sogn and Fjordane, (Norway)

2015 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord Oslo, (Norway)

2015 Exhibition in Gallery Oxholm Copenhagen, (Denmark)

2015 Exhibition in Kongsberg Kunstforening (Norway)

2014 Participation in “Art Copenhagen”, (Denmark)

2014 Scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway)

2014 Summer exhibition in Eliasbeth G, Tysnes, Near Bergen, (Norway)

2014 Scolarship exhibition in Oslo City Hall.

2013 Participation in “Art Copenhagen”, (Denmark)

2013 Participation in scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, (Norway)