LIANG Chia-Ning


LIANG Chia-Ning

1989 Born in Taipei, Taiwan

M.A. Fine Art College, National Taiwan University of Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Art

Liang Chia-Ning (b. 1989) is adept at utilizing installations, concepts, images, and paintings as creative mediums, and has been concerning herself with the spatiality of the present moment. She creates works that are integrated with their surroundings, intending to evoke the perceptual experience of a particular point in time. In her works, she often uses text as the core concept that revolves around the blurred boundaries between people, spaces, and fields, reminding herself of the state in each space at each time as the pursuit of a sort of meaning. In addition, she retraces the relationship between spaces and their uses by wandering and roaming over the places and therefore creates works with a poetic path and spatiality.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

“Metaphorical Glacier” LIANG Chia-Ning solo show, Hiro Hiro Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

“The Poetic of Dwelling” Solo Exhibition by LIANG Chia-Ning solo show, Venue, Taipei,

“Yet to come—The First Chapter” by LIANG Chia-Ning, Galerie OVO, Taipei, Taiwan

“Glimmer from the white” LIANG Chia-Ning solo show, TOPPU Art Space, New Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Travel Writing: 10:50AM from afar
Lightbox, image printing, cutting sheet, wax
32 x 50 x 15 cm
AP 6 editions

Gift from the Glacier
Stone, wooden lightbox, acrylic, software, writing, mixed media
Lightbox size: 26.5 x 35 x 14 cm

Carpentry, cutting sheet, image printing, neon tube, plant, clay, found materials, wax
Dimensions variable

Travel Writing no. 3
Digitally sprayed on pure cotton etched art paper, frame
40 x 59 cm(Sheet), 48 x 67 cm(with frame)
AP 6 editions