PAN Hsin-Hua


Born in 1966 in Taitung, Taiwan, PAN Hsin-Hua graduated with B.A from the Department of Fine Arts at National Taipei University of the Arts in 1991.

PAN Hsin-Hua is adept at brush-and-ink, and uses traditional painting styles as metaphors to create works that deviate from the conventional expression. Besides, he tends to look for themes and new depiction techniques from the experience of contact with the natural environment. In addition to the pursuit of a balance between traditional and contemporary motifs, Pan also tries out different materials and techniques in the selection and treatment of paper. He uses ready-made handmade paper, but after multiple processing procedures, the paper appeared mottled, which imitates the base color of ancient murals and color ink landscapes. In his works, lush green colors used in traditional Chinese landscape paintings can faintly be seen, yet more elegant than gaudy, giving viewers a feeling of detachment from antiquated aesthetics. Flowers, birds, trees, streams, houses, ships, people, and daily objects are often depicted by him, which come from the artist’s delicate observation of everyday life. He intertwines the sense of time to create bizarre scenes that do not exist in the present or the past.

PAN Hsin-Hua has held solo exhibitions in Taiwan, Beijing, and New York. His works are collected in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, and Guandu Museum of Fine Arts.